Ed Davis Community Center Upgrades

Akron's community centers serve as a safe space for recreation, learning, and conversation. ARPA funding enables us to make long overdue upgrades to our community centers to revitalize them for years to come.


Community Center Assessment Process

In 2020, the City of Akron launched a community wide assessment of its community centers to determine which facilities were most in need of improvements and what specific upgrades residents wanted to see.

  • Ed Davis was one of three facilities deemed to be the most in need of significant repair

  • The City held a facility assessment for Ed Davis, Patterson Park, and Reservoir Park Community Centers

  • A virtual community engagement session for each center was held in February 2021

Your Voice Was Heard

Facility Improvements

Programming Requests

New Gymnansium

Finance Development

Improved Technology & Equipment

Job Training

Better Landscaping

Community Movie Night

Bigger Outdoor Playground

Tutoring & Counseling

Food Pantry

Senior Citizen Programming

E-Sports & Media Room

Youth Guidance

Ed Davis Community Center Upgrades

Based on resident feedback, the City of Akron has planned the following major upgrades to Ed Davis Community Center. These upgrades will create a better space for all residents for years to come.

New Gymnasium

Indoor Walking Track

E-Sports Room

New Outdoor Playground

Multipurpose Rooms

New Design

* Images are representations and final designs and renovations are subject to change.

Upgrade Schedule & Costs

  • • Construction is scheduled to break ground in Winter '23 with scheduled completion of Spring '24

  • • Initial cost estimates for the upgrades are $9.4M in ARPA funds & CDBG Funds

"Creating and maintaining fun, safe, accessible public spaces is necessary for any community to thrive. The upgrades at both Ed Davis Community Center and Perkins Pool will revitalize these spaces for our residents to enjoy for years to come. By taking the community’s thoughts, feedback, and ideas into account during the planning process, we’ve ensured that these spaces will meet the community’s needs and wants.” 

Mayor Horrigan

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