Investing in Akron's Future

In March 2021, Congress enacted the American Rescue Plan Act, one of the largest recovery responses taken by the federal government. The City of Akron received $145 million in federal funds. Funds will be used to create a safer, healthier, and more equitable Akron for generations to come.

Akron Rescue Plan Investments

The City of Akron has identified six key priorities for Akron Rescue Plan investment.

Youth Opportunity

Reduce youth & community violence by investing in marginalized communities creating a safer environment.

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Parks & Public Spaces

Restore Akron’s parks and public places, and create more equitable recreation spaces throughout the city.

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Housing Investments

Revitalize Akron’s aging housing stock and ensure homes are clean, safe, dry, and ADA accessible.

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Public Utility

Invest in our public & private infrastructure to assist Akronites in making a healthier community.

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Healthcare &
Social Services

Improve the physical, mental, and financial wellbeing of Akronites and make a healthier community.

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Small Business

Assist businesses from the economic impacts of COVID-19 and expand entrepreneurship opportunities.

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Progress Tracker

The City of Akron is dedicated to providing transparency into how we are investing Akron Rescue Plan funds. The Akron Rescue Plan Progress Tracker below lists current and upcoming projects.

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March 2021
Congress passed the American Rescue Plan Act, providing Billions of dollars in funds to communities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.
April 2021
Mayor Horrigan lays out the City of Akron’s 6 key priorities for investment.
June 2021
The City of Akron receives the first of two funding allocations: totaling $72 Million
December 2021
Akron City Council passes legislation allowing dispersal of American Rescue Plan Funding.
March 2022
Mayor Horrigan announces the first Violence Intervention and Prevention (VIP) Grants awarded to 11 local organizations.
June 2022
Mayor Horrigan announces the Akron Home Repair Program offering up to $25,000 in home repairs to income eligible Akronites.
December 2024
The City of Akron must allocate all $145 million in Akron Rescue Plan Funding.
December 2026
The City of Akron must invest all $145 million in Akron Rescue Plan Funding.

Eligibility Guidelines

The City of Akron is committed to making Akron Rescue Plan investments transparent and open to the public. The federal government has provided guidance and requirements for spending the funds.

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